Kids Art Classes

Color My World Art Studio offers group and private art classes in drawing, painting, sketching, mixed media and much more for artists of all levels – regardless of experience.  From absolute beginners to seasoned artists, our artists can find the opportunity to learn in a supportive art atmosphere.   Classes are 1:30 hour duration for all artists (except 1:00 hour duration for Pre-K and K students) and open for enrollments all year round.  Our Art Instructor has 20+ years experience in making Art Interesting, Fun, and Easy.  We also strongly encourage our artists to participate in various art competitions, and under our guidance we have several past art contest winners at state and national levels.

Color My World Art Studio curriculum has three program levels (explorer, intermediate, advance) that artists follow.   The curriculum includes landscapes, still life, abstract, free drawing cartoons, and modern art.  We provide cross-culturally enriched perceptions that are a must in today’s comprehensive setting.  Our core mission is a CHOICE BASED teaching approach with a very successful outcome.  At Color My World Art Studio each class is individualized and kept flexible according to the artist’s level of interest and ability.  Our Art Curriculum is as follows:

Art 1 (Explorer) -   This level welcomes all the art explorers interested in learning about the fundamentals of art.  The classes at this level introduce the elements of art and the principles of design, and provide a taste of application of various media such as charcoal, crayon, marker, pastel, pen and ink, pencil, watercolor, acrylic, oil on various common bases such as paper, poster, canvas, card, wood, and clay. 

Artists explore their creativity thru various media, and the classes are geared to allow artists to demonstrate their natural artistic ability and create a comfort zone for freer ability to create and have fun. We further artists’ skills by providing the basics of line, form, color, texture, balance and make artists repeat various art forms of Great Masters and our own curriculum. During this level, artists will typically discover the basic concepts of art and learn about the elements of art.  By the end of this level, artists have will have gained a solid understanding of fundamentals of drawing and painting.

Art 2 (Intermediate): At this level, artists continue to build upon their drawing by proper application of elements of art and principles of design. The classes provide an excellent way to strengthen existing foundation of drawing skills and color theory. The classes introduce artists to different artistic expressions and mixed media, allowing for additional experimentation and growth. At this level, artists are also introduced to various painting techniques such as wet-on-wet, dry brush, stippling, monochromatic value studies and much more.  Elements of brush handling, light and shadow, tonal contrast, washes, glazes, color theory and composition will be covered.  Subjects such as portraiture, still life and famous masterpieces, along with numerous media like acrylic, watercolor, pastel, oil pastel, charcoal, collage and others will be used.  

Artists will create and be inspired by various artists and genres of art.  Discussions and demonstrations will be featured throughout the class. Learning new mediums, styles and techniques will allow artists to grow artistically while creating spectacular artwork to display.  By the end of this level, artists will have a strong background in perspective and broaden their ideas on rhythm, harmony, balance, and unity in any piece of art work.

Art 3 (Advance):  At this level, artists may select a media to develop mastery on.   The classes will help artists master the application of elements of art and principles of design.  The classes will help artists solidify advance shading, painting, acrylic and oil techniques.   More and more artists use mixed media in their artwork, by mixing materials in different combinations, including: paper, images, text, oil pastels, paint, ink, wax and fabric.  Artists will develop personal imagery and expand technical skills by solving problems in color, composition, and paint application. 

Artists will choose the subject matter, learn to design with color, interpret light and will strive to improvise the process of bringing a drawing through various painting stages to a completed masterpiece. The classes include observational drawing, finding your own path of creativity, design, composition and issues surrounding the making of art.  Artists at this level are very comfortable doing large scale work of arts, mixed media, sketching on paper or canvas art, calligraphy, and 3-D mediums.  We always encourage artists and their parents to be patient for advance level works, because the more detailed artwork involved generally takes longer period of completion.

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