About Us

    Hi, I am Radhika and I welcome you to Color My World Art Studio located in Artesia, California.  My life as an artist began in my high school years.  Back then, I didnít know I would be an artist, and like most kids I spent most of my time reading books and studying, but I also loved to draw and paint.

    I started teaching art classes to K - 6 grade students during my college days and it has been an inspiring, and fulfilling journey teaching art since then.   I personally enjoy creating art work, reading about art, and visiting art festivals and museums.   I love to do art projects together with kids, and a big highlight for me has been encouraging kids to take part in various art competitions.

    As a mother, I have come to experience first hand how children are born with a desire to express their innate creativity.  At Color My World Art Studio, my goal is to provide all artists the freedom to express themselves artistically, even at very young ages, and the opportunities to develop their own unique works of art. 

    Over the years, while Art continues to play a big part in my life, I also graduated with a Bachelor in Design and a Bachelors of Education with emphasis in Early Childhood.  I have also been teaching art and other subjects at various pre-schools and elementary schools in Los Angeles and Orange Counties for the past several years.   I have more than two decades of experience in teaching art keeping it interesting, fun, and easy. 

    In early 2012, I opened Color My World Art Studio, which is the first art studio in Artesia to provide wide range of art activities for all expertise and ages as follows:

I invite you to visit Color My World Art Studio for high quality art enrichment experiences in the visual arts!